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Boating is Fun!!

Many people have found their escape from the stress and anxieties of life by getting near or on the water. People often say they find tranquility when out on a boat and on the water. In the songs of Kenny Chesney, “boats…vessels of freedom”, have you found your freedom?

It is time to find your boat. How big should it be? What type should it be? Many people come to me asking, what is the best boat to buy? Isn’t that a loaded question? I begin by asking what they wish to do? Fish, ski or water sports, how many in the family, staying overnight or just day trips?

If it is just two people and no children the needs and wants are different. If you have little kids then you may want a cabin and a bathroom (head). If the kids are older you may want a boat to do water sports with. If the kids are into baseball and other sports you may want a smaller trailerable boat that you will use when you have time.

I see many people buy a smaller boat, say 18 to 20 feet. Its just the two of them and then there is three or four when they have kids. The boat is now too small and they want a cabin and place for the kids to sleep so they sell the smaller boat and buy a larger boat, say 26 to 28 feet. It may be too big to tow with the vehicle they had. It may be easier to keep it in a marina. In the water. So they rent a slip and find they can come down anytime and the boat is waiting patiently on them.

Life moves on and the kids are into sports and ballet and whatever so less time for the boat. They sell and get out of boating for a bit. The kids get older and are less interested in what mom and dad are doing and more interested in their friends. So mom and dad find they have time again to enjoy boating and the freedom it brings. Once again the buy a boat maybe larger even then the last. Maybe 30 to 40 feet and travel a bit. Stay overnight out on the hook. Using the boat as a vessel of freedom.

The cycle of boating life is relatively predictable. Take the time to explore what boating has to offer. Time to find the boat that fits your lifestyle. Perhaps renting a boat will be a good way to see if you like boating. Feel free to visit us at Hampton’s Landing Marina and ask the questions, explore the possibilities.